Miscellaneous Prints

Wildlife prints are available in a variety of sizes.  Shipping is just $6.95 for any size order.


051A9307 copy resized_edited-1.jpg11-17-15 Big boy in the open8G9C2810 copy resized_edited-1.jpg194 copy resized.jpg052 copy resized.jpg104 copy card pic.jpg121 copy resized.jpg017 copy best copy.jpg051A6356 copyresized.jpg051A6423 copy resized.jpg051A6235 copy resized.jpg051A6451 copy resized.jpg017 copy best copy.jpg046 copy resized.jpg055 copy resized-c41.jpg005 copy resized.jpg027 copy.jpg051A3016 copy resized.jpg051A3328 copy resized.jpg051A3008 copy resized.jpg051A2678 copy 2 resized.jpg041 copy resized-c82.jpgLongtailed Weasel on a Log 1-24-15Sttanding Weasel 1-24-15Bluebird Fledgling on a Birch TreeLoon and chick enjoying a swimBreakfast in BedThe FeatherbedLoons by Dawns Early LightWood Duck ReflectionsGreat Blue Heron at DawnGreat Blue Heron Smiling for the CameraBack Lit LoonRuffed Grouse Mating DisplayMale Pine GrosbeakToadily Chillin'Flat OutPeek-a-booA Pair of RaccoonsBreakfast TimeA Female Ruby-Throated HummingbirdBluebird on a PostMale Ruby-Throated Hummingbird in flightGray Fox Searching for BreakfastLicking His ChopsGray Fox Peek-a-booBrotherly LoveAdult Gray FoxGray Fox Kit In The Wood PileShy Gray Fox KitGray Fox Hide an SeekA Pair of Wood DucksMale Wood DuckCommon Loon and Two ChicksMirror ImagesNorthern Hawk OwlNorthern Hawk Owl VerticalMice for BreakfastA Mouth fullCoyote WalkingCoyote Standing in High GrassLoon Parents feeding Their ChickLoon Chick Sleeping on Parent's BackLoon Chick Riding on Parent- BroadsideLoon Chick Riding on Parent-Rearview Looking leftLoon With Chick Looking RightBass For BreakfastDown the HatchThe Big EightBroadwing Hawk on the WingSmiling for the camera 1.jpg