Thank you for checking out my website. I live in Northern New Hampshire and have? been seriously photographing? wildlife since 2008.? All my photos to date have been taken in New Hampshire. I do on occasion photograph weddings when my arm is twisted.
I am a full time UPS driver and do my photography early mornings before work and on weekends.? I eagerly await my retirement in 2017 when I can devote more time to this labor of love. My favorite targets are black bears and moose. These occupy the majority of my photo time. During the months of July and August the bears and moose become scarce with the heat of summer and changing food supplies. I then switch over to anything else that wanders in front of my lens. Usually I have a fox den staked out by then or I’m chasing loons and their newly hatched chicks. I use top of the line Canon cameras and lenses and my photos are professionally printed on supra luster paper, packed and shipped direct by Adorama of New York City. I also have a line of 5 by 7 note cards offered for sale on this site. I sell these cards in a hand full of shops in central New Hampshire and they are quite popular. These are for sale on the website also. The shipping is free but need a 5 card minimum purchase.
I decided to do this website after years of urging from friends and others who likely wanted a more simple way to view all my photos rather than purchase them.? I will continue to add photos to this site in the future as I take new ones and discover others from the 1000’s of files that I took this past year and still haven’t reviewed. Please check back in the future and thanks again for stopping by.
Duane Cross